Good City Guides Wishlist: Best Places to Travel in 2018

“The world is your oyster” said once Shakespeare; world is ours to enjoy and it’s in our hands to make most of it. I love this phrase and in these days while I am making my 2018 resolutions, I put it on top of my list! This year the list is all about experimenting, because I recently started to believe that experience counts more than anything we pay for. And traveling is the best way to find out who we are and what really counts in the world.

For my 2018 resolutions, I began on investigating about the places I’ve never been before. And I found new cities & new regions that never came to my mind which excited me even more!

the world is your oyster goodcityguides

Here, I am sharing my top 5 places to travel in 2018, and some inspiration along:

Venice to Paris with Orient Express

Brace yourselves! If your favorite movie is Midnight in Paris and if you’re attracted by the glamourous & elegant Golden Age this news is for you. On March 2018, Orient Express opens its doors to transport you back in time. For more information, click here and look at fares. I know it’s not cheap but imagine the experience you’ll be getting! (Photos: Venice Simplon Orient Express)

orient express goodcityguides3orient express goodcityguides5orient express goodcityguides1


Once you start considering Peru, it’s impossible to choose a region to visit. It has nearly everything you can ask for: architecture, adventure, nature… On top, Peruvian cuisine is now the most trending gourmet cuisine in the world, melting different cultures in a pot due to its colonial history. If there exists such thing as national dish, I would pick ceviche for Peru – it’s made with raw fish and “tiger’s milk”. Remember, once we were in Lisbon and tried a Peruvian restaurant called A Cevicheria? Look at it in here. (Photos: Peru)peru goodcityguides1peru goodcityguides2

Galicia, Spain

They call Galicia Spain’s golden coast. Its located at the Spain’s west cost just above Portugal. If you’re a foodie like me, Galicia will make you happy with its exceptional seafood; regarded as one of the best in Europe. You should visit in summer time to spend some quality time at white sand beaches. (Photos: David Loftus)

galicia good city guides 2galicia good city guides 3galicia good city guides

Marrakech, Morocco

Powder pink riads, tiled mosques, crowded souqs. When I see a photography, I immediately notice Marrakesh, since it’s so beautiful and aesthetic naturally. This bustling ancient city attracts many people; the French occupation has brought European influence but it still looks very authentic. (Photos: boutiquesouk)

marrakesh goodcityguides1marrakesh goodcityguides3marrakesh goodcityguides2

Tokyo, Japan

I saved the best for the last. Tokyo, you’ve been in my dreams near a decade! I can’t wait to explore a different world. Are we finally going to meet? (Photos: toptokyophoto)

tokyo goodcityguides1tokyo goodcityguides2

Where do you plan to travel in 2018?

Let me know.


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