Ferikoy Flea Market

Istanbul is my home. I’ve spent my years in its narrow streets, witnessed most of the changes; yet the city always surprises me.

This time, I got carried away in the biggest flea market of the city. Since 2010, Ferikoy Flea Market is open to visitors every Sunday. I had never visited (thought it wouldn’t be authentic, don’t ask why), however my record collector friend convinced me that we might find unique things. So, I decided to give it a try.

First of all, its really big. Even bigger than I imagined. And its true that you can find all sorts of beautiful things suitable for your budget.

The market is a living proof of early cosmopolitan life in Istanbul. Different nationalities, different ages and all left their remarks. We even saw a spyglass with Nazi signature stamp.

Don’t end the tour without eating “gozleme” and drinking “cay”. I heard some people come here for gozleme and as a bonus they visit the market.

Ending the day, hours passed and I was super entertained for discovering such a place. Spirit of Istanbul never ceases to amaze me. And this is Istanbul, unwrapped.


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