One thought on “İletişim

  1. Hi.
    I ran into a post of you in Instagram while searching for culinary information on San sebastian cake in Istanbul(20 of December)
    and from there i went to this cute website.

    You seemed very passionate about it!

    I hope it’s ok to ask couple of questions…

    –@ I understand that the best SS cake to your opinion is in book bakery?

    –@ Where is the best place for the old version of Turkish breakfast with menmen and kaymak ( I read your article on the new ones)?

    My plans for evening restaurant are:
    1. Zubeyir restaurant
    2. Kiyi
    3. I wanted yeni lokanta that I heard is really good but It might not be open (only on Wednesday, when I leave).
    Is nuran a good chiose?
    Do you have a recommendation for a good place for evening?

    I read your post in my mobile.
    From some reason, some of the articles are only in Turkish.



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