5 Of My Paris Photos and Their Vintage Versions From Almost The Same Locations

Paris is a cabinet of curiosities!

Today, I was getting lost at Pinterest (as a “stay home” activity) to feed my sense of discovery. You know how that happens: first you click on a photo and then to another one and next thing you know you’re down the rabbit hole.

Some vintage Paris photos began to appear on my feed, and later I started realizing some of them were almost taken at the same location I took them. Only one difference, these were nearly 100 years ago!

So follow me through the rabbit hole while I showcase side by side old photos of Paris and my takes.

No.1 La Tour Eiffel from la rue Saint Dominique

This is a marvelous location to capture La Tour Eiffel. The vintage photo is from 1957.


No.2 Montmarte, from la rue Norvins

The first two vintage photos are from 1950. The third one is from 1954, shot by Inge Morath. All from the same street.


No.3 La Maison Rose

It is estimated that “La Maison Rose” was constructed before 1850. The first photo was taken between 1910 and 1920, of Laure Germaine and her husband Catalan artist Ramon Pichot; the first owners. The house frequently visited by famous artists of the time, including Picasso. The second one is from 1920s and the latest one from 1970s.

In 1970s, with the change of management, we see that the house started to lose its charm and turned into a tourist trap. In 2018, Laure’s granddaughter re-claimed it with hard work and restored it by being loyal to her family history.


No.4 La Buvette

In French, Buvette means “bar”, where you enjoy some drinks with a laid back attitude. On the other hand, La Buvette is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris. Not sure, whether this vintage photo taken in 1938 by Fritz Henle is the same La Buvette today; but it would be so cool if it is!


No.5 Au Petit Fer A Cheval

This one is the most surprising discovery! I knew that Au Petit Bar was one of the oldest bars in Paris, in Le Marais neighborhood but finding its vintage photo was jaw dropping. Unfortunately, I don’t know the date nor the photographer of the first photo but definitely its the same bar!



5 Addresses in Paris: Restaurants & Drinks & Shops

(Türkçesi için yazının en aşağısına inebilirsin)

Paris is such a beautiful cliché.

We were there in July for my friend’s wedding, and it was my third time in Paris, so I was ready to soak Paris all in.

I already had a list as long as 3 pages before going to Paris, and of course I couldn’t see all of them. These are my 5 favorites from all places that we managed to visit. If it’s your second time in this beautiful city or if you’re ready to get under its skin; these addresses are for you. Buckle up for some yummy food in cool restaurants, good coffee and designer shops.


buvette interior goodcityguidesbuvette breakfast goodcityguides

It’s official, Buvette is my favorite restaurant for breakfast in Paris! I was reading very good reviews about Buvette before going there, and I really liked the interior; so, I gave it a try. I can say, it’s the place to have breakfast. The colors, the furnishing, the way dishes look & taste – all spot on! I heard late afternoon snacks with wine is also very good.

La Mangerie

la mangerie goodcityguidesla mangerie goodcityguides3

My friend is living in Le Marais, and one night she said that she wants to take us to dinner in a cute tapas restaurant in her neighborhood. I couldn’t be happier to see it was La Mangerie because it’s definitely more than just a cute restaurant. They took the idea of tapas (where everything is in small portions and is for share) and combined it with quality ingredients and homemade recipes of Adrian Calvo. Save this place and thank me later.


fragments interior goodcityguidesfragments avo toast goodcityguides

Another brunch spot! I was told Fragments is the place for cinnamon buns and avo toasts in Paris. First, I thought the weather was too hot to go for dessert but then I had 2 toasts instead! One with avo and one with ricotta cheese & figs. I only regret that I didn’t try cinnamon bun; hopefully next time!


merci goodcityguidesmerci outside goodcityguides

Merci has many titles: a concept store, a designer furniture store, a stationary, a bookshop… It’s a place where you can spend an hour getting very inspired and willing to buy everything. Even the red little car in the garden! There are also 3 restaurants linked with Merci: La Cantine, Used Book Café and Cinéma Café. La Cantine is for lunch with friends, Used Book Café is for scone & coffee; Cinéma Café is for the days you want have healthy food.

Le Labo

le labo fragrances goodcityguidesle labo fragrances goodcityguides2

Fragrance store from another world! What attracted me the most was (besides unique notes in perfumes) how they decorated the interior – rustic & neat!

If you’re looking for more spots for coffee in Paris, head over to my “Good Coffee in Paris” post – click here.

Let me know if you have other favorites in Paris.

À bientôt!

Paris’te 5 Adres

Paris, her zaman klişe mi?

Bir arkadaşımın düğünü için Temmuz ayında 3.kez Paris’teydim. Bu nedenle bu sefer biraz daha lokal yerlerin tadını çıkarmaya karar verdim. Gitmeden önce yaklaşık 3 sayfalık bir listem vardı ama tabi hepsini görmeye zamanım yetmedi. Ziyaret ettiğim yerlerden 5 tane favorim var. Eğer siz de 2. kez gidiyorsanız ya da hali hazırda ara sokaklara dalmaya hazırsanız bu adresleri not edin. Havalı restoranlar, güzel kahveciler ve şık tasarım dükkanlar için doğru adrestesiniz.


Bu bilgi herkese açık! Evet Paris’te ki favori kahvaltı mekanım burası. Burayı keşfetmeden önce hakkında çok iyi şeyler duydum ve bunun üzerine ben de denemek istedim. İç mekanı, renkler, kullanılan mobilyalar, yiyeceklerin görünüşü, tadı, her şey mükemmel. Diğer yandan ben denemedim ama öğleden sonra şarap menüsü ve atıştırmalıkları da bir o kadar iyiymiş.

La Mangerie

Le Marais’te yaşayan bir arkadaşım bizi sevimli bir tapas restoranına götüreceğini söylediğinde ve oranın La Mangerie olduğunu öğrendiğimde sanırım daha mutlu olamazdım, çünkü bu kesinlikle sevimli bir restorandan daha fazlası. Tapas fikrini (her şeyin küçük porsiyonlarda olduğu ve paylaşıldığı) kaliteli malzemelerle ve Adrian Calvo’nun ev yapımı tarifleriyle birleştirerek harika hale getirmişler. Burayı not et, garanti mutluluk!


Bir başka brunch yeri! Fragments’ın Paris’teki tarçınlı çörekler ve iyi tost için güzel bir adres olduğunu duymuştum. Önce, havanın ağır bir tatlı yemek için çok sıcak olduğunu düşündüm ama sonra 2 tane tost aldım! Bir tanesi avokadolu diğeri ise ricotta peyniri ve incirliydi. Sadece tarçınlı çörek denemediğime pişmanım; umarım bir dahaki sefere!


Merci’nin bir çok unvanı var: butik, tasarım mobilya, kırtasiye ve kitap mağazası. Bir saat harcayıp her şeyi satın almak isteyeceğiniz ilham veren bir yer burası. Bahçedeki kırmızı küçük arabayı bile almak isteyeceksin! Ayrıca Merci, La Cantine, Used Book Café ve Cinéma Café ile bağlantılı 3 restoranı bünyesinde bulunduruyor. La Cantine arkadaşlarla öğle yemeği için, Used Book Café çörek ve kahve için Cinéma Café ise sağlıklı atıştırmalıklar için ideal.

Le Labo

Başka dünyanın parfüm butiği! Beni en çok cezbeden şey (parfümlerinin benzersiz notaların yanı sıra) iç mekanın nasıl dekore edildiği – rustik ve sade!

Paris’te başka favorileriniz varsa yorumlarda buluşalım!

À bientôt!

Good City Guides Wishlist: Best Places to Travel in 2018

“The world is your oyster” said once Shakespeare; world is ours to enjoy and it’s in our hands to make most of it. I love this phrase and in these days while I am making my 2018 resolutions, I put it on top of my list! This year the list is all about experimenting, because I recently started to believe that experience counts more than anything we pay for. And traveling is the best way to find out who we are and what really counts in the world.

For my 2018 resolutions, I began on investigating about the places I’ve never been before. And I found new cities & new regions that never came to my mind which excited me even more!

the world is your oyster goodcityguides

Here, I am sharing my top 5 places to travel in 2018, and some inspiration along:

Venice to Paris with Orient Express

Brace yourselves! If your favorite movie is Midnight in Paris and if you’re attracted by the glamourous & elegant Golden Age this news is for you. On March 2018, Orient Express opens its doors to transport you back in time. For more information, click here and look at fares. I know it’s not cheap but imagine the experience you’ll be getting! (Photos: Venice Simplon Orient Express)

orient express goodcityguides3orient express goodcityguides5orient express goodcityguides1


Once you start considering Peru, it’s impossible to choose a region to visit. It has nearly everything you can ask for: architecture, adventure, nature… On top, Peruvian cuisine is now the most trending gourmet cuisine in the world, melting different cultures in a pot due to its colonial history. If there exists such thing as national dish, I would pick ceviche for Peru – it’s made with raw fish and “tiger’s milk”. Remember, once we were in Lisbon and tried a Peruvian restaurant called A Cevicheria? Look at it in here. (Photos: Peru)peru goodcityguides1peru goodcityguides2

Galicia, Spain

They call Galicia Spain’s golden coast. Its located at the Spain’s west cost just above Portugal. If you’re a foodie like me, Galicia will make you happy with its exceptional seafood; regarded as one of the best in Europe. You should visit in summer time to spend some quality time at white sand beaches. (Photos: David Loftus)

galicia good city guides 2galicia good city guides 3galicia good city guides

Marrakech, Morocco

Powder pink riads, tiled mosques, crowded souqs. When I see a photography, I immediately notice Marrakesh, since it’s so beautiful and aesthetic naturally. This bustling ancient city attracts many people; the French occupation has brought European influence but it still looks very authentic. (Photos: boutiquesouk)

marrakesh goodcityguides1marrakesh goodcityguides3marrakesh goodcityguides2

Tokyo, Japan

I saved the best for the last. Tokyo, you’ve been in my dreams near a decade! I can’t wait to explore a different world. Are we finally going to meet? (Photos: toptokyophoto)

tokyo goodcityguides1tokyo goodcityguides2

Where do you plan to travel in 2018?

Let me know.

Good Coffee in Paris

(Türkçesi için sayfanın en aşağısına inebilirsin)

Getting your caffeine fix in France isn’t pretty much the same with rest of the Europe. Look at Italians, coffee is literally their breakfast; they take an espresso shot and move along the day. Or take Spanish people as an example, all dinners end with a macchiato. On the other hand, for French, it’s not about the “waking up” or “digesting” attributes of coffee; they are on the side of “experience”. Its seen as an accessory accompanying a good conversation with a friend or a date.

However, I love caffeinating with specialty coffee, and I found good spots for you to try. Here is my 9 best coffee shops in Paris:

Boot Cafe

There is a lot of character in this coffee shop. Once you’re on the street – it’s impossible to miss the beautiful signage at the door. It’s original and owners kept it that way. Coffee is from 5 Elephants in Berlin – if you love coffee, you know what I mean. Instagram tip: Photograph from outside with a wide angle camera. Iphone will also do the trick.

Boot CafeProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Blue & white tiles on their floor is like their signature. Pair your coffee with avo toast or granola.
photo taken by “slice of paris”


Love the decor with all whites & greens.

Ten Belles

They say drinking good coffee is sexy. I agree. They also have heavenly good pastries.

ten belles good city guides

La Fontaine de Belleville

I regret that I couldn’t visit this place, even though it was on top of my list.. It’s a historical French cafe, and its visionary owners didn’t touch the setting so good coffee met with history. (Photos are from their instagram)


What a facade! Once you’re there, you’ll be mesmerized and think that you’re in a movie. Try their traditional pastries with an espresso.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Le Peloton Cafe

Founded by owners of Bike About Initative, Le Peloton is hosting lots of bikers and instagrammers. Take a seat on the wooden bar, have a good coffee from kind baristas in a friendly interior.

Folks and Sparrows

If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll love Folks & Sparrows. It is separated into 2: one-part cafe, one-part gourmet food shop. Go there for lunch and have a traditional baguette with coffee. Even a simple food like baguette sandwich is prepared by paying attention to the smallest detail. Check out their instagram to find out more (link here).

Telescope Cafe

One of the first specialty coffee shops in Paris; few places to sit and limited food options. But coffee is excellent!

Also, the map of “Good Coffee in Paris” is below.


Paris’te İyi Kahve

Fransa’daki kahve deneyimi kesinlikle Avrupa’nın geri kalanından farklı. İtalyanlar için kahve kelimenin tam anlamıyla onların kahvaltısıdır; tek shot espresso alır ve günlerine devam ederler. İspanyol halkı akşam yemeklerini macchiato ile bitirir. Öte yandan, Fransızlar için, kahvenin uyandırıcı veya sindirime yardımcı olması değil deneyimlemesi önemlidir.

Burada kahve; sevgilinle veya arkadaşınla gerçekleştirdiğin keyifli bir muhabbete eşlikçidir.

Ben nitelikli kahve içmeyi seviyorum ve denemen için iyi yerler bulduğuma eminim. Paris’te denemen gerekli en iyi 9 kahve dükkanı:

Boot Cafe: Boot Cafe’yi bulmak için kafamı Google Maps’ten kaldırdığımda, ilk gördüğüm kapısının üstünde kocaman yazan CORDONNERIE tabelası. Fotoğrafında gördüğümden çok daha etkileyici diye düşünüyorum içimden. Araştırınca, tabelanın vintage değeri ortaya çıkıyor, sahipleri dükkanı devraldığında bu orjinal tabelayı da korumuş. Sadece görüntü değil, Boot’ta kahve de çok iyi. Çekirdeklerini Berlin’deki 5 Elephants’tan alıyorlar.

Ob-La-Di: İçeride yer alan mavi-beyaz seramikler buranın imzası.

Amami: Burayı sadece dekoru için bile sevebilirsin.

Ten Belles: İyi kahve içmenin seksi olduğunu söylüyorlar. Bir yandan hamur işleri de gerçekten iyi.

La Fontaine de Belleville: Listemin en tepesinde olmasına rağmen, bu dükkanı ziyaret edemediğim için pişmanım. Burası tarihi ve geleneksel bir Fransız kafesi; vizyoner sahipleri tarihi dokuyu bozmadan menüsünü modernleştirmişler. Siz gidip beğenirseniz bana yazın!

Odette: Notre Dame’dan St Germain’e yürürken, karşında tüm ihtişamı ile Odette! Dükkanın mimarisi sanki iki bina arasında sıkışmış gibi; renkleri pastel ve görüntüsü muntazam. Bir dakika, Wes Anderson filminde miyiz?

Odette’teyken içi krema dolgulu minik brioche’ları espresso ile deneyin.

Le Peloton Cafe: Bisiklet girişimcileri tarafından kurulan Peloton’un ziyaretçileri sahipleri gibi bisikletçiler ve heryerde olan instagramer’lar. Ahşap barında, samimi iç dekoru eşliğinde kahveni yudumlayabilirsin.

Folks and Sparrows: Bir bölümü cafe, bir bölümü ise gurme dükkan .Öğle yemeği için Folks and Sparrows’a gidersen, kahve eşliğinde geleneksel bagetlerini mutlaka denemelisin.

Telescope Cafe: Paris’teki ilk nitelikli kahve dükkanlarından biri; oturma yerleri az ve sınırlı yemek seçenekleri mevcut. Ama kahveleri mükemmel!

Aşağıdaki “Paris’te İyi Kahve” haritasından hepsinin konumlarına bakabilirsin.

Keyfini çıkarın!



Paris Cool Neighborhood Guide

City of light or city of love.. Whatever you call it, Paris is always the talk of the town.

In near past, Paris was the ultimate symbol of French culture and everything it represents. In my first visit (like 6 years ago), I experienced a city that is bound to its roots, which has very traditional restaurants and cafe’s, and rigid French people.

Stereotypes die hard. It was very exciting to see “The New Paris” in my last visit. New generation Parisians’ ultimate love affair with life has changed the city scene pretty much. Rich tradition is blended with new energy. In a beautiful and picture perfect city, now you can find new restaurants that take French cuisine to next level, café culture being elevated with good coffee, art galleries besides Louvre.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Therefore, before posting “pocket guides”, I wanted to give you a glimpse of new cool neighborhoods of Paris.

Montmarte: Located in the north of Paris. Its movie-poster streets and artsy life pulls over locals as well as tourists. If you know where to go, you can avoid tourist flock and enjoy the charming atmosphere. The neighborhood definitely offers more than Sacré Coeur.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

montmarte good city guides 2

Bastille: One of the most historic landscapes of French Revolution is now the home of boho boutiques, new bistros & coffee shops.

Marais and Beaubourg: Marais’ appearance in the cool neighborhood scene of Paris is not new. If you plan meet your friends for wine after work, here is your place. In every corner, you’ll bump into another Parisian café with hippy people or you’ll find vintage boutiques. Together with Beaubourg (where Centre Pompidou is located) they host both small and important art galleries.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Canal Saint-Martin: Imagine a neighborhood of stylish university students and bohemian couples. Its vibrant but cozy at the same time with a calm attribute. I’ll name two restaurants as “must stop by”: Ten Belles and La Fontaine de Belleville.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Oberkampf: Chic bars, good dining options, garden benches and nightlife.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Below, you can find the neighbourhoods on the Paris map. Enjoy!

“Slice of Pai”s Paris Guide

This is an interview with Joann Pai, founder of Slice of Pai, co-founder of Slice of Paris! She is a food and travel photographer, whom I’ve been following for ages.

Let’s get inspired by Joann’s Paris recommendations!

Bu röportaj Slice of Pai’ın kurucusu, Slice of Paris’in de ortak kurucusu olan Joann Pai ile! Kendisi yemek ve seyahat fotoğrafçısı, uzun süredir takip ettiğim, tarzına bayıldığım biri.

Joann’ın Paris önerilerinden ilham alalım!

1- Joann merhaba! Bize senin “Paris”inden bahseder misin? Paris’te yaşamak nasıl bir duygu?

Şuan Paris’te yaşamak çok heyecanlı çünkü her şey çok hızlı değişiyor. Eskiden insanlar Paris’i bir müze olarak görürlerdi ve buraya klasik Fransız yemeklerini yemek ve deneyimlemek için gelirlerdi; şimdiyse her şey dışarıdan çok etkileniyor.
Can you please describe us “your Paris”? How does it feel to live there?
It’s a very exciting time to be in Paris as things are changing rapidly here. Paris used to be a ‘museum’ and people visited to see and eat classic French things, but recently it’s becoming more open to outside influences.

2- Seni Paris’te en çok ne çekiyor?

İlki ve en önemlisi kültür. Fransızlar mutfakları konusunda oldukça tutkulular ve mutfaklarıyla gurur duyuyorlar. Aynı zamanda Paris’in yüzyıllardır neredeyse aynı kalmış olmasına bayılıyorum. Bir Kuzey Amerika’lı olarak, sürekli tarih kokan sokaklarda yürümek inanılmaz!
What attracts you most in here?
First and foremost the culture. French people are fiercely passionate and proud of their cuisine. I also love that Paris has remained relatively untouched for so many centuries. As a North American, it’s incredible to walk around a place with so much history!

3- En sevdiğin brunch mekanları?

Holly Belly ve Dersou‘nun brunchını çok seviyorum. Holly Belly’deki tuzlu pancake uğruna ölünecek cinsten!
Your favourite brunch places?
I love the brunch at Holy belly and Dersou. The savory pancake at Holy Belly is to die for!

4- Sürekli gittiğin bir kahve dükkanı?

Cafe Oberkampf – Sahiplerine bayılıyorum, yemekleri de kahveleri kadar güzel!
Name one coffee shop that you keep going all the time?
Cafe Oberkampf- I love the owners and the food is as good as their coffee!

5- Gece dışarı çıktığında gittiğin top 5 restaurantın hangileri? Ve onların en sevdiğin yemekleri?

Bir çok seçenek var: Clown Bar, Pas de Loup, Le Mary Celeste, Au Passage ve Kunitoraya favorilerim. Bunların çoğu menülerini sürekli güncelliyor o yüzden tek bir yemek önermek çok zor. Ama sana garanti veriyorum, her şey çok lezzetli!
Your top 5 restaurants for a night out? And your favourite dishes?
So many places to choose from, my favourites are: clown bar, pas de loup, le mary celeste, au passage, and kunitoraya. Most of these places update their menus often, so it’s hard to recommend one dish. But I assure you, everything will be delicious!

6- Paris’te pazar günleri ne yapmalı?

Pazar günleri Parizyenler için dinlenme günü. Pazar sabahı yemek ve antika pazarlarında dolandıktan sonra, geç brunch için rosto tavuk alıyorum. Sonra da ya bir sanat galerisi gezmesi ye da parkta yürüyüş.
Best way to spend Sunday in Paris?
Sunday for Parisians is a day for rest. I love spending my sunday morning wandering through markets, both food and antiques, and picking up a roast chicken with potatoes for a late brunch. Then going to an art exhibition or a walk in the park.

7- Kaçırmamam gereken bir etkinlik veya pazar var mı?

Bastille yemek marketi ve The Punes Vanes (bit pazarı) Paris’i ilk defa ziyaret ediyorsan mutlaka görmen gereken pazarlar. Ben antika avcısı olarak şehir içinde boş ambarlarda pop up açılan pazarları bulmaya çalışıyorum, büyük bit pazarlarından daha uygun oluyorlar.
Etkinliklere gelirsek, şehirde sahneler kurulan ve her yerde canlı müzik olan Fete de la Musique‘e bayılıyorum (Haziran ayında)! Bir de Fransa kültür bakanlığının normalde halka kapalı olan yüzlerce tarihi yapıyı ziyarete açtığı Journees du Patrimoine (Eylül ayında) yi çok seviyorum.
Any local events, markets that I shouldn’t miss?
For markets the Bastille food market and the puces vanes (flea market) are must sees for first timers in Paris. I love antique hunting so I tend to find pop up brocantes/ vide greniers around the city, as they are usually cheaper than official flea markets.
For events, I love fete de la musique (June), where they set up stages around the city and there’s live music everywhere! Also the Journees du Patrimonie (Sept), where the French ministry of culture opens up thousands of historic monuments to the public for the weekend, ones that are usually closed to the public.

8- Senin mutlaka gör ve yap diyeceklerin?

İlk defa ziyaret edenler için;
Musee d’orsay veya l’orangerie’i ziyaret et, Jardin Tulieries’den yürü, Marais’teki butik dükkanları ziyaret et, en iyi tatlıcıların tatlılarını dene (mesela Pierre Herme), St Martin kanalı yanında bir kadeh şarap iç, benim favorilerim olarak söylediğim restaurantlarda birşeyler ye veya daha geleneksel yemek için Paul Bert‘e git. Böyle durmadan devam edebilirim!
Your must see’s and do’s?
My must sees and dos for first time visitors: visit musee d’orsay or l’orangerie, walk through Jardin Tulieries, walk through the boutique shops in the marais, enjoy pastries from the masters, such as Pierre Herme, have a glass of wine by canal st martin, and grab a bite at one of my favourite restaurants, or Paul Bert for something more traditional. I could go on and on!

9 – En sevdiğin dükkanlar?

Ev eşyaları için Merci ve La Trésorerie
Kırtasiye için Papier Tigre
Kitap için OFR
Parfüm için Le Labo
The stores you love to visit?
merci and la trésorie for household goods
papier tigre for design /paper goods
OFR for books
Le Labo for perfume

10- Paris’te Paris’i doyasıya yaşamak için önerin var mı?

Paris’te yaşayan çoğu insan biraz İngilizce bilmesine rağmen, eğer birkaç Fransızca tabir öğrenirsen işine yarar. Fransızlar, Fransızca konuşmak için efor sarf ettiğini görünce çok mutlu oluyorlar.
Bir de her şeyi bir güne sığdırmaya çalışma, Paris’i yaşamanın en güzel şekli telaşsız ve sakin yaşamak.
One crucial tip to live Paris to the fullest? 
Even though most people in Paris speak a bit of English, I think it’s very helpful to learn a few French  phrases when visiting. French people are generally happy to see you making an effort in speaking French.
Also, try not to squeeze in too much in one day, Paris is better when enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
Joann’ı takip etmek isterseniz: Slice of Pai Websitesi / Slice of Pai Instagram / Slice of Paris Websitesi
Follow Joann :  Slice of Pai Website / Slice of Pai Instagram / Slice of Paris Website