Good Instagram Guide for Lisbon

Let’s face it, we all look for the picture-perfect photo to post on our social media accounts while travelling. If you’re planning a visit to Lisbon, you’re lucky, because “that” photo is not far away. In this this pastel-colored, nearly untouched, authentic and beautiful city, what you’re looking for will be handed to you on a silver platter.

I mapped out 10 outstanding photography locations; feel free to navigate yourself around them. You may want to look them from a different angle, the famous Lisbon light will do the job.

1. Chiado

This particular photo is now hanged on the wall in our house. You’ll find it easily while walking to the main square in Chiado; impossible to miss.

2. Tram Routes

Trams are everywhere in Lisbon. Whenever you hear the buzzing in the street you need to stay on the side to allow it to pass. Or you can do like me and jump on the tram route to get a photo. My guide on Lisbon Tram’s Guide is – here.

3. Park Bar

A beautiful terrace bar with a vibrant atmosphere. Cheers to the best view with an Aperol!

4. Pequeno Jardim

A beautiful flower shop with its original signage. Don’t forget to spend some time inside the shop as well.

5. Embaixada

One of the coolest concept stores in Lisbon. Re-built within a 19th century palace.

6. The Fado Mural: Fado Vadio

The famous mural is a tribute to Fado music; where the famous Fado musicians Maria Severa and Fernando Maurício are portrayed together with the other symbols of the music like bread and wine. The mural is close to the neighborhoods of Mouraria and Alfama, birthplace of this World Heritage music.

7. Casa do Alentejo

A 17th century palace, representing Alentejo region in Portugal with its Moorish design.

8. Livraria Ler Devagar

The big library of LX Factory. Even though you might have seen hundreds of photos of this place, you might still have a chance to photograph it from a different angle.

9. Alfama Neighbourhood

Labyrinth narrow streets and small squares of the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon: Alfama. You’ll see the mix of urban art and traditional living, an extraordinary synthesize.

10. The Miradouros

They call Lisbon “The City of Seven Hills”; and on the hills, Portuguese people built Miradouros – the view points – to watch the sea and city underneath. Everyone has a favorite Miradouro; mine was Portas do Sol.