5 Of My Paris Photos and Their Vintage Versions From Almost The Same Locations

Paris is a cabinet of curiosities!

Today, I was getting lost at Pinterest (as a “stay home” activity) to feed my sense of discovery. You know how that happens: first you click on a photo and then to another one and next thing you know you’re down the rabbit hole.

Some vintage Paris photos began to appear on my feed, and later I started realizing some of them were almost taken at the same location I took them. Only one difference, these were nearly 100 years ago!

So follow me through the rabbit hole while I showcase side by side old photos of Paris and my takes.

No.1 La Tour Eiffel from la rue Saint Dominique

This is a marvelous location to capture La Tour Eiffel. The vintage photo is from 1957.


No.2 Montmarte, from la rue Norvins

The first two vintage photos are from 1950. The third one is from 1954, shot by Inge Morath. All from the same street.


No.3 La Maison Rose

It is estimated that “La Maison Rose” was constructed before 1850. The first photo was taken between 1910 and 1920, of Laure Germaine and her husband Catalan artist Ramon Pichot; the first owners. The house frequently visited by famous artists of the time, including Picasso. The second one is from 1920s and the latest one from 1970s.

In 1970s, with the change of management, we see that the house started to lose its charm and turned into a tourist trap. In 2018, Laure’s granddaughter re-claimed it with hard work and restored it by being loyal to her family history.


No.4 La Buvette

In French, Buvette means “bar”, where you enjoy some drinks with a laid back attitude. On the other hand, La Buvette is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris. Not sure, whether this vintage photo taken in 1938 by Fritz Henle is the same La Buvette today; but it would be so cool if it is!


No.5 Au Petit Fer A Cheval

This one is the most surprising discovery! I knew that Au Petit Bar was one of the oldest bars in Paris, in Le Marais neighborhood but finding its vintage photo was jaw dropping. Unfortunately, I don’t know the date nor the photographer of the first photo but definitely its the same bar!